Mario - Number one

Number one Lyrics / Paroles

Baby, don't lose my number
Still be number one in your phone
You might use it when you feel better
And you are alone

The look into your eyes
I see you got some stress
It's probably the...
To the best
Just bottle the... baby
Girl I'll do the rest
Put your number in the phone
And you can qualify all right


... call her to pass the test
Turn the piece of... you'll accept
There's no way to stop us
If you wanna take a chance
Girl you can take your time
Let your heart speak for us

Baby you know
What I want
I could need it
But it's you what I've been wanting
Go take some time
And think about it
Here is my number


I've been trying to call you baby


I told you baby
You should call me
Send me some text


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