Masicka - Money We A Make

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Masicka - Money We A Make

Paroles: Money We A Make

Yo Troyton
This a weh hard work gi' you
Watch ya!

[Verse 1:]
Make me tell you how mi feeling
Feel like tell them how mi feeling
Money stacked to the ceiling
Wonder if mi dreaming?
Spend five G's this morning, make it back by this evening
Gangsta do real thing
Like mommy haffi alright
Everything lock, that a key thing
When mi say bleaching, a nuh Nadinola
Mi tell mi son, "your daddy gon'-" wha'?
"Gon' rich like Lee Ching"
Mi nuh frighten fi clean skin
Mi nuh frighten fi G-string
A fuck gyal long time
From me a sneak out, and a sneak in
A pastor do preaching
My talk a nuh cheap talk
So mi nah go a dem meeting
A ground mi used to sleep, king
Wha' that? Roof leaking
Money mi want, mi nuh need Kim
Pockets swell like a bee sting

We deh pon another level now
Ahhh ah
Know star, when mi see star, mi look inna di mirror and mi ready now
Ahhh ah
Tek we light last year, fucker dem try, and di plate heavy now
We a make news, we a make moves
Pussy dem still a make noise
We a make move, fi go make food
Pussy dem still a make noise

[Verse 2:]
Life goes on, so the fight goes on, and mi far from the worst part
Dem try fi burry me
Food a eat, and some nice clothes on, and mi rise from the dirt
Money haffi make, you know say, I've got to work
We nuh take handouts, we take off them gyal skirts
We feeling up, we make feelings hurt
And mi smoke and just fly, mi not feeling hurt
Mankind too wicked, watch the pussy them a lurk
Be careful,....dem will kill you fi a shirt
Ask the sun, ask the moon, mi a star from birth
Dollars pon dollars, dem gyal ya gonna twerk

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

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