Masspike Miles - I Will Conquer (feat. Gunplay) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Masspike Miles - I Will Conquer (feat. Gunplay)

I Will Conquer Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Masspike Miles]

It's gon' stay dark, til a nigga lose, and the sun won't shine

I done seen niggas lose they life out here, how I'm livin' mine

This feelin', you couldn't know, places I've been, you wouldn't go

Goin' through the world, tired enough to keep me out

Only made a nigga harder, who can stop me now?

[Pre-Hook: Masspike Miles]

So whatcha gonna do to me? This ain't nuttin' new to me

There's no nigga more solid, ain't nuttin' more than me

[Hook: Masspike Miles]

In love with this feelin' that's bigger than life

You can do nuttin' to hurt me, they tried

I will conquer all

I will conquer all

[Verse 2: Masspike Miles]

Made a nigga off terrain, watch the weather change in a minute

I could read a nigga brain, niggas playin' games, I ain't wit it

Look in my eyes, what do you see? Pain in my soul, the heart of a G

If it's on me, I'mma keep it G, I don't really know no limit

Been around the world, to another world, only God is my witness

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 3: Gunplay]

Take a look at me, take a look at she

Took it to the top, took you from the street

Never had a dime, only had a dream

Only had a name

Niggas call they folks, try to send me up the road

Now I'm on the run

Me and my bitch deal, swisha, bind, money and a gun

Made thru the fire, made it thru the trial, made it thru the dark

Made it to the light, niggas never been thru pain

Painful is mine

Rat niggas on this beach, all I hear is phoney on it

Youz a pussy nigga, I can tell, I can bet my Rollie on it


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