Mavado - Dem Nuh Man [Lyrics/Paroles]

Mavado - Dem Nuh Man

Dem Nuh Man Lyrics / Paroles

Dem nuh man
Mi know dem nuh man
Dem get up and a bitch like gyal
A suh mi know dem nuh man

Dem nuh man
Jah know dem nuh man
Some bwoy whe gyal a beat wid draws
Mi know dem nuh man

(Verse 1)
When yo si dem acting pushy in the place
Gyal a put the pu–y in dem face
Bad people put dem in dem place
These words put dem in dem grave
Dem a chicken hawk, wi a bad slave
Gya; strength dem have Gully God Brave
Every gully rifle a wave
Cloney mi shorten yo days

Hey, bwoy brush off yo mouth
Shi play wid the pu–y and touch off yo mouth
Some bwoy weh a trash and come out
Him si the gyal and haffi flash and run out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Weh every man a boast dem a drop
Any man a tek a toast from the back
A gyal alone get the force a mi c–k
A gyal lone, them fi a tek a man fi go shop
Gyal clown everybody know that
Double 6 dem a domino pack
Sissy man, horrista cat
Pu–y mi wi meck yo cure mi clock
Dem a go lue and the gyal dem a chat
And a seh the boss man a trash
In a him face gyal a launch an attack
And him love the 3 sum a pon him nose dem a quat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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