Mavado - Dem Run Een

Dem Run Een Lyrics / Paroles

Nozzil big like a chimney (ha)
A wahappen to dem
Why yuh rise against mr. dead
Top shotta nuh miss yuh head
Go curl up unda yuh muma frock and piss yuh bed
Mobay... Kingston
Unknown kill dem any day (ha)
Gangstas nuh play...
Yo a talk dem a talk
And dem nah mek no walk
We a step pan crime
Boshie and show off
Dem a talk
And dem nah mek no walk
Split bwai head into half
Dem a talk, dem a talk
And dem nah mek no walk
Di Ks dem tall none a dem no do off
Dem a talk
And dem fraid a di dark
When di rifle a claat
Me nuh run suck pussy joke
Nor batty joke
But mi talk di truth mek it float
Dem bwoy deh a fish inna di sea
Nuh put dem inna no boat
Dem a f*ck batty like di pope
Unknown rifle
With di bloodclaat telescope
Buss dem throat like goat
Kill all yuh gyal too
From she go chat inna di court
Informer fi get blood sports
Some likkle pussy mussi live inna silogy
See mi wid mi gun and dem a tell mi bout billy jean
More rifle than taliban and philistine
Di whole thirty-one outta di clip
Weh mi gih di team
Tell every fish and every fag and every queer seh
Me nuh wah no man tell me bout hear seh
Mi K clap and bwoy head side tear weh
When unu see di Gully Squad a trod unu fi fear weh
Cah dem a mek a bag a chat and me hear ee
Rifle shot pik out dem hair like pitcherie
Telescope pan di K fi see clearly
Kill dem ooouutt... hail mary
Dem dead
Dis time dem dead
Dem a bloodclaat dead
Dis time dem dead
Me a buss dem head
Me nuh care weh di media a seh
Dis time dem dead
Dis time dem dead
Me a buss dem head
Dis time dem dead
Dis time dem dead
Kingston, Portmore, Nagozed
We nuh mek friend
Bwoy we nuh sorry fah
Big up higher Addi
Machine firer
Put bwoy inna botax a nuh tarrier
Pan yuh funeral day
Six friends a yuh carrier
Middle day bwai dead
Bwoy mumma ketch diarrhea
Soldier cuda put up barrier
Me nuh give a f*ck (hahaha)
A wahappen to dem
Dem a just news carrier
Dem dead (hahaha)
Dem dead
Dem... dem dead (hahaha)
Dem dead (dem dead)
Dem dead
Tower Hill seh... seh Jordan (dem dead)
Yuh haffu sen fi... di warden (hahaha)
A mi a di war (haha)
Ey, ey
Dis time dem dead
Yuh seet frass (haha)

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