Mavado - Don’t Give A Fuck [paroles]

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Mavado - Don’t Give A Fuck

Paroles: Don’t Give A Fuck

This time I flew like an artist,
Rigged, and I flew like an artist
Somebody steal on a contest
I pull away, my man godless
To reach my love letter, artist
Got a bit pf luck, regardless
I’mma sting like wasp,
I’mma chop like blessed
My man, let me guess, is an eye pressed
Fuck courts, diamond venue,
Like the coke, I’mma into
Learn from where I ha’been to
Fucking right, to the top
And I mean close up
Put my rights to a cop
I ain’t looking back
Put your hands on the stat
Boy, we don’t give a fuck!
Put your hands on the stat
Boy, we don’t give a fuck!
You see those boys, those stars are diamond
You see my shirt, I got my mamma,
You still cry, eye, I know you looking to the
Jewel I am wearing, I guess in dynasty
The york project the holly
We all come from the gutter
We have the regime to go
To open the young money making machines
We don’t give a fuck because
We don’t really care about the rules

Hanging with a gangster, that’s what get us tough
Girl, I got diamonds, with the other girls
Blow nigger up, looking at us for us
Still on top, nigger, at the jest
Fall off, white boy descend
Torn to the real line genesis
Real fear, real lovers.
I don’t wanna stand here
In the rear house