Mavado - Friends With Benefits [paroles]

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Mavado - Friends With Benefits

Paroles: Friends With Benefits


Gyal all if yo man have a gun

When me in a bed wid you

Gyal you meck mi feel like anything a anything

Me would a deh wid you

Nuff gyal love me everywhere me go

Not even know none a dem

My own the whole a dem
God know a nuff a man a seh dem gyal nah go give no bun

But pu-y haffi run again

Gyal rewind and come again
(Verse 1)

Listen this gyal a be mi friend with benefits

In a the bedroom man tricks

A so mi have a gyal a speak in a aerobic

Fi f-k everywhere gyal is a bad hobbit

Gyal meck mi tek a picture fi frame

Flick pon the d-k a c-key ninja shi name

Da gyal yah pu-y tight is a shame

Good nukki squeeze every juice a mi cane

Come a the mansion mi put her in a ransom

Mi black and ugly but the gyal dem seh mi handsome

Gyal a seh bread mi fi tek off the condom

Mi straight talk and mi consomme
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

As mi break one mi meet one

Make one seize the tick

One from the dan from Braton

Who look good seh da waiter date one

That in a yo mind as yo stand up round a gate one

A no one gyal waan mi chain a dem station

Then mi pass through excitement creation

Bad like RIRI solid like rock nation

Every man want a freak gyal give mi a straight one

Gyal body full a tats like dag nation

Look how the belly flat like starvation

Gyal a war all over dem think a Vietnam

Give me the Jamaican half Baijan
(Repeat Chorus 2X)