Mavado - Murder (ft. Sha Quan) [paroles]

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Mavado - Murder (ft. Sha Quan)

Paroles: Murder

(Verse 1)

Sting her hard like a beas and done

Wi no nam gyal like no cheese and bun

Have a short gyal pon her knees that bun

When mi breze c-key like real handgun

No gyal cyaa cuss and seh me one come

So shi haffi seh wheel and come

Bet seh shi haffi seh please man done

Fire gash like steel pon ground

Fi gi mi disease father 3 grandson

But meck mi tell yo don't leave condom

Have a gyal in a the bed head a beat and bung

All bout wi a dweet and done

Mi no week, mi no feed paw pum

Mi no eat a no teeth and tongue

Tell yo gyal seh the real man come

Turn fool and no know weh fi turn

And a bwal out

Murder mi, murder mi, murder mi

Murder mi, murder mi, murder mi

Murder mi, murder mi, murder mi

Murder mi, murder mi, murder mi
(Verse 2)

Set good like a bike yuh a ride

Move yo jaws gyal yuh no have no pride

A your supn so yuh no haffi hide

Like hosanna mi bomb it inside

Every good gyal fi have a goal

Haffi have supn tight fi yo hole

Haffi born wid a tight pu-y hole

Mi no waan si no gyal wid no wash over gold

Shock one mi a buy yuh a van

As a fact gi yuh the house and the land

Tek the Rolex wid the diamond

Caw da pu-y deh weh yuh have a it a tie man

Gyal in a mi bed how mi fi sleep

Man a real stull how mi fi weak

Have a gyal a f-k in a the back a the jeep

Shi a speak in a tongues and a speak in a Greek
(Repeat Chorus 2X)