Mayalino - Don't Even Know (ft. Z-Ro)

Don't Even Know Lyrics / Paroles

A tie is a noose; and altough inverted
It'll hang you nonetheless
Please leave me sane, for it's not the melody
But the rhythm that I cannot contain
In a world where on a daily basis I'm on a 24 hour display
Carry me to somewhere over the rainbow where the skies are blue

I stare at the puzzle but it seems to fall apart
Suddenly it makes no sense at all

Therefore society says: Mumble along to the beat you've known all along
Therefore society says: Get back in the line and be silent instead cause the rumor
Of some could prove 'em all wrong
So therefore society says nothing at all

Fatigue is festering among the weak like a virus
But if some of them pass out, they'll just have to pass out
We're going all the way on this one
It's Berlin by nightfall, it's Berlin by Nightfall
But please leave me sane, for I'm about to set myself ablaze, in the event of ongoing strife
Between heart and machine; my heart will beat!
Yeah my heart will beat! My heart will beat the living hell out
Of every circuit it sees!

Therefore society says: If a revelation is what you need just turn on your TV screen
Therefore society says: Get back in line and be silent instead
Therefore society says: Society... Says nothing at all!
Therefore society says

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