¡MAYDAY! - Know It (ft. Tech N9ne & Stige) [Lyrics/Paroles]

¡MAYDAY! - Know It (ft. Tech N9ne & Stige)

Know It Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Stige]
It feels like we are light years away
With all these rows in between
I want you right next to me
I hope you know it
I hope that you know it
Every time i leave you i'm broken
I hope that you know it
Bet you don't

[Verse 1: Bernz]
Gimme a call so you know that i'm fine
When i'm flying down these dark roads losing my mind
City after city fighting sleep to survive
One eye open trying to get to your side
Heading down a street with no visible signs
Distracted cause I can't get you out my mind
I know the one thing I can't buy is lost time
But i can't come down until i'm done trying to climb
Living on the run your my partner in crime
The only one I trust with secrets i hide
The only one I rush to get back to at night
I know you understand why I left you behind
Its time like these i wished I dropped you a line
But I know its too late
You probably resting your eyes
Turning up the music for rest of the drive
I'm just hoping I can make it till I see sunshine


[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
I'd wake up from a nightmare; you be right there
But now to bring you to me
I should purchase a flight? Where?
A separation might have us quite scared
But breathing on your region feeling just like, air
I feel the path back to you is filled with arrows
The fuck with me by wasting all my patience chasing shadows
Made plans to go big and get great fans
But the trip to Graceland is sticky like spray tans
Pedals to the pavement
Pedals in the sand
Doing drugs blood with the venom of demand
Clocking at night jobs
You work in the day
I didn't think revolving doors would put us further away
But it did somehow
I've been betting on the horses
Sometimes a long-shot is better than the short divorces
And we taking bets on a whole bunch of courses
Cause life is always about a million other forces
Other than you and I
The time is through in line
Your kindness is too divine
Im feeling so juvenile
Maybe this is what grown folks all feel
Age is just a number, but the distance is real
So i hope you stick with us and don't get another plan
Cause the future feels brighter when you lighten up my lamp
Just thought I'd let you know
I hope you understand that when the universe expands i still feel you in my hands
Just know it


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Been rocking stages for ages
The days get full of hatred
When there ain't no spaces from the mate that you praise
Hit the blaze
Get faded
But in these pages, phrases
That I hope will let you know
You my A-list, I crave miss
Even though everybody tell you I do every hottie
They met him and fed him probably
Spaghetti and manicotti
They browsing and see I love Italian
Keep it 1000 its gonna take a battalion from shaolin to cloud 'em
Cause your love is very necessary
Memories of you when I'm away I'm gonna carry
They said I was scary but that is nevuary
Cause we are good together
Quite the 2 that could be marry
But he's a rapper could his huffing be true?
When I'm away you got a hell of a lot of trusting to do
I got a question but it could be a lot of stuffing to chew so
If nothing lasts forever can I be nothing to you?


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