Meek Mill - DreamChasers 2 Intro [paroles]

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Meek Mill - DreamChasers 2 Intro

Paroles: DreamChasers 2 Intro

[Intro: Mike Tyson interview]

[Verse 1 - Meek Mill]
Yea, it's a lot of bad bitches in the building, amen
Came in the game killing niggas, J Lin

And I got that four door Aston Martin on the way in

Realest nigga in it all you got to do is say it
If a nigga rap dissing, when I see him I'mma spray him
Like bang, nigga it ain't no game
Philly niggas ain't the same, step in your lane
Before that chopper hit your brain stay out the frame
Cause when I let it Bada-Boom, that's Bada-Bang
Pussy nigga ahhhh

[Verse 2 - Meek Mill]
Right back like I never left
Rollie on my wrist cost a Camaro, yea the double S
Ever since I made a milli, I ain't been in trouble yet
Still walk in the building, then go bonkers with a hundred racks
Hundred stacks, hell yea, hell yea fucking right
Boy I got your favorite singer really tryna fuck tonight
Y'all niggas was sleeping on me, I was really up at night
Trying to chase my dream, now I ball out the team
Man I lean off of this phantom, "I'm a boss", my anthem
MMG my clique,that's why your bitch all on my dick
I got thirty racks in my pocket, I keep thirty shots in my clip
I get thirty racks for my verses, y'all don't get paper like this
I'm getting money, must be Illuminati
They think I signed up cause I just bought a new Ferrari
And when I make a hundred I'mma buy a new Bugatti
I be with some Philly niggas, they just trying to shoot somebody
Tell 'em, I swear I tried to tell'em (tell 'em)
Lampin' in this penthouse, I started from the cellar
And if she want that hammer all up in her I'mma nail her
Word to my nigga Ricky, we gon kill the game this summer