Melanie Fiona - Bite The Bullet [paroles]

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Melanie Fiona - Bite The Bullet

Paroles: Bite The Bullet

[Verse 1]

The first time you shot me down I was grazed

Second round was never found, ricocheted

Nowhere to run, I was stunned in a daze

A victim of a love I can't escape

I remember when you said you loved me

Three little words that burned into my soul

Maybe you didn't mean those things you told me

Maybe you didn't really mean those words at all


I'll bite the bullet

I'll do it in the name of love

I guess I'll bite the bullet

Or stop playing with loaded guns

Stop playing with loaded guns

[Verse 2]

What do you want from me?

Baby what you want from me?

You think you have the ability to love two women equally

Well I don't have the energy to fight for your exclusivity

Cause I remember when you said you loved me

That's why it's so damn hard to let you go

Did you mean them things you told me?

Did you ever really love me at all?



All this back and forth, what is it for?

The silent games, the tug of war

Wish I could break down your walls

Be the one you call, catch you when you fall

Brick by brick, I thought that we could build again

But now I know this is the end