Meyhem Lauren - Dragon Vs. Wolf (ft. Action Bronson)

Dragon Vs. Wolf Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Action Bronson]
You know who it is, shut the fuck up yeah

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Wack raps smell like cushioned Jordan's
I'm on that uptown haze
Standing on the corner till the morning sun rays up
This game is like Dragon Vs. Wolf
Understand this, ain't nothing ever faze us
Truth, shouts to samo high
I'm a perfect mix of Van Damme and Van Gogh high
Man eat pussy, shoot him with the Mango 9
Got the six trade jumping like the Kangol sign
I despise so many paintings, I'mma make a statement
I no longer eat bacon
I no longer bet the mortgage on the Ravens
I will no longer hide the drugs inside the play pen
I will no longer shave my face because I'm godly
Pick up your pace, young rap this is my hobby
Crack will make the fiends do aerobics in the lobby
Drop 7000 on a cally
Views from the train
Ain't nothing was the same
Views from the train bitch
Ain't nothing was the same bitch

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Flexing like a box spring
I keep a good dam talking but it's not spring
Making my rocks bling
Hit 'em with hot steam
All these bitches love me, that's past desire
They treat my penis like a pacifier
Festive attire, past to retire
Looking like the cash you admire
I'm a G, run up in your crib and demand steak
Pretty bitches rub my feet 'til their hands break
Caked up, like a 8 baller in humidity
Cocaine talks, and tells me bag me and get rid of me
Queens niggas at the finish line
Word to the watch on my wrist, I keep exquisite time
But I'm usually on CPT
Then click this free food like it's EBT, run me

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