Migos - Bedloo [paroles]

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Migos - Bedloo

Paroles: Bedloo


I don't know what car to drive today (Awman!)
I don't know what shirt to wear today (Awman!)
I don't know what girl I want today
What should I do? You choose I'm bedloo, that's what we do (x2)

[Verse 1:Quavo]
Versace, the Louie, the bally
I don't know what to do so I hit bedloo
What should I wear the Rollie the
Breitling the diamonds they shining my ears
Whip in the Jaguar, hop in the lear
They vote on me like i'm the mayor
Or should I smoke gas and sip medicine
They vote on me like I'm the president
I'm counting on Bedloo to pick out my mamacita for my photoshoot
I'm overdue I'm rocking Versace with chains so how can they notice you
Kicking it old school 20 chains on Mr.T fool
How many hundos, should I bring out the bando hit Bedloo


[Verse 2:Takeoff]
Gianni Versace or Dolce Gabbana my shoes and my shades Givenchy
I got the Grinch on christmas (GAS!) Who stole the pack?(I did it)
My girl, she trippin she irking me she want the Birkin bag color is burgundy
The Gucci pair leathers and Louboutin my footsteps it look like a murder scene
I wake up and scroll on my iPhone 5 and then I click on Bedloo
Blood diamonds we call 'em Clifford, water blue diamonds Blue's Clues
Vintage all on my torso, vintage all in my wardrobe
Jacuzzi we at the top floor, ???