Migos - Cook It Up

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Migos - Cook It Up


Cook It Up

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Paroles - lyrics: Cook It Up

Everywhere I go, I'm a plug my show, you know I gotta turn up
I just left the plug, got a 100 birds and I put them in the trunk
Yeah I got halves, got zips, got kilos, got pounds, nigga tell me what you want
In the kitchen with a pyrex pot, turn it up a notch
Now I'm bout to cook it up, bout to cook it up, bout to cook it up
Got them chickens wiith me, now I'm bout to cook it up
Bout to cook it up, got them Falcons with, now I'm bout to cook it up
Bout to cook it up, bout to cook it up
Got me whipping up them babies, bout to cook it up
Bout to cook it up, bout to cook it up
And I'm whipping, I can straight up whip it up

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I whip it like slavery, my trap full of babies
Lil mama she hate me, she say that I'm changing
I tell her I made it, the only changed the money I'm making, and the pamper on these babies
I'm whipping and whipping, these pigeons and chickens
These birds they flying from city to city
I'm pouring up actavist, dranking and sipping
The color is purple, I'm drinking on Ceely
The Bentley, the Benjis, these bitches they sucking like babies
On the nip of them titties, like VIC get silly
You talking bout 100 band juugs, young nigga you know that I'm with it
I pull up, I'm serving your city
I'm serving ODs, I got it from Mickey


[Verse 2: Quavo]
I'm cooking and whipping up pies, with no eyes
I'm cooking them burgers and fries, I'm a master in disguise
Mama she told I'm wise, looking at Benjamin Frank in his eyes
I'm taking the plug to Hawaii, I'm chopping on bricks circumcised
My bitch, she came from Dubai, she got that good brain like Devry
I'm smoking and leaning and driving, I hope I don't get DUI
Watch out for the snake and the lies, I'm trapping and whipping cream pies
My wrists is like water come dive, the streets is a jungle you gotta survive




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