Migos - Green Light District [paroles]

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Migos - Green Light District

Paroles: Green Light District

Plug say he got a whole ton of midget
I'd like to welcome ya'll to the Green Light District
Green light district, Green Light District, Green Light
Green light district, Green Light District, Green Light

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I got that gas pack mega-ton green light
Run up on me I'mma take your life, walk in the trap just to see what the fiends like
Quavo Peter Piper had to pack a pistol
I got the shooter nigga, I won't miss you
Free my niggas, got the felonies, fuck the system
Blowing money with the plug like a whistle
The pot is butt naked, I examine it like a physical
Listen up, this shit here critical
I can teach em how to make it identical
Remix, re-rock go fugazi on a nigga pot
Drip, drip, gotta sprinkle on the pot
Baking soda make a young nigga knot


[Verse 2: Offset]
It's a price on your fitted nigga, you better pay attention
30 round extension
Bullets all up in your mouth like it's dentures
You better surrender
Better listen to me, I'm your mentor
I'm not talkin' too much, ain't no lecture
You gon catch all these bullets like Fletcher
I pay them to kill you, I am an investor
Hit the fuck nigga with the four-four
I'm laughing like Elmo and I got more straps than velcro
You know what it is, green light the nigga and kill all his kids
I don't give a fuck about him, I had to show him what it is