Migos - Jealousy [Lyrics/Paroles]

Migos - Jealousy

Jealousy Lyrics / Paroles

So niggas wanna hate on me
So niggas wanna pile on me
They jealous and they envy me (why?)
Cuz I'm winnin', who they wanna be (You see)
I ain't neva did a sneak diss
Call my hitman quick to put you on the hit list
I guess they mad cuz we young and rich
Guess they mad cuz we fucked they bitch

First off B.I.G. may you rest in peace
Killed my nigga pac and Biggie over jealousy
Vegaran shooter he don't care bout the celery
Hollow to that sang it for you, here feel the melody
Niggas (?) while I'm on vacation in Beverly
Offset told me press them buttons like the game of Jeopardy
I'm passin it
Niggas wanna hit me for my necklaces
Diamonds VVS

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