Migos - Stay (ft. Dirty Dave) [paroles]

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Migos - Stay (ft. Dirty Dave)

Paroles: Stay

[Chorus: Quavo]
When the plane come down in your town
And we only in town for three days
No matter how far I go, she always hold me down
She say I always got somewhere to stay, stay, stay
Always got somewhere to stay
No matter how far I go, she always hold me down
That's why everywhere I go I always save a plane

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I told you once I ain't gon tell you twice
Better back off my bitch young nigga or you might lose your life
Just me and her ridin round in my two-seater
Remember the time the police they lock me up and you buying me out
Remember that time they wanted you to talk and you close your mouth
That's why I fuck with you, I really can’t say I love you
But I do really fuck with you, like everything that you do and she know

[Chorus: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Dirty Dave]
Rap game that's Birmingham, Alabama, Savannah, Atlanta
Any city any place
No matter where I go in the world
I got a chick to keep a nigga straight
When I call lil mama she come through
Sacks full of cash we run through
Fuck all day, fuck all night
Where ever the fuck we want to
I enjoy all the time that we spend, but it never seems to last
Now I gotta get back to the cash

[Chorus: Quavo]

[Verse 3: Offset]
No matter how far I go, lil mama she coming to get me
She do what she gotta do, she independent
I trust her, but I can’t love her
She know why young nigga a hustler
Got a young nigga's back when I’m trouble
Got the body of a goddess, Brazilian mixed with Scottish
She exotic, she come from a island
I can trust her in the trap, she ain’t gon steal my dope
If the feds kick the door I know lil mama won’t fold

[Chorus: Quavo]