Migos - Top Floor (ft. Johnny Cinco)

Top Floor Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Quavo]

[Bridge: Quavo]
15 bitches said they wanna go, (they wanna, they wanna)
Said they wanna go let the green light, green light go
Said they wanna go to the top floor of the condo, (to the top)
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, can't tell em no

[Chorus: Cinco]
Quavo, Young Rich Nigga, Young Rich Nigga
Popi, Sak Religious, Popi Sak Religious
I was in a Masi, in a Masi
Was nobodies business, was nobodies business
All of them my millions, all the millions
All the foreign women, all the foreign women
I was in disguise, in disguise
Backseat of the Bentley, backseat of the Bentley

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Speaking of back seats, do you remember the back seats (remember)
Remember the days when Will Mac was driving, young Quavo was in the back seat (ugh!)
Running from 12s, on the back street! Yes he right behind but theres no catching me(No!)
It’s late at night, and I pray to God, I want a new Rari, tell him I’m sorry for my sins (sorry!)
New beginningin, (beginningin), all my team winningin, (winningin)
Have you ever played with the Falcons, catch him Brian Finneran
Winning is old like dinosaurs, breaking your bitch spinal cord, (break)!
Cook a brick when a nigga get bored (brick!), chop it down like a samurai sword (chop it down)



[Verse 2: Offset]
Back seat of the police car, waking up in the morning seeing bars (prison!)
Momma told me what the fuck you gon’ do, you gon’ stay being broke or you take off tomorrow?
Now I pull up Bentley all my cars, Now that I’m rich nigga what is the R (I’m rich!)
And I’m rolling up Keisha, gon live it up, what I’m rollin up, in a ‘gar
Young rich nigga came a long way,(long way) everybody said we wouldn’t make it (we wouldn’t make it)
I’m the same nigga trappin out the vaca, and when I pull up you should see the haters faces (look at em)
Louboutin loafers, no laces, Givenchy attire, you know that it’s tailored
Trapping and capping, they calling me Rayful, Mason Margiela - walking alligator
World of life Bentley it’s a umbrella, yeah the Migos jug like the Goodfellas, Brokanese ass niggas need to do better
I’ma Heff on the bitches, living like Hugh Heffner, and my diamonds so cold, got a Gucci sweater
Back seater -- Willy man call ya nigga, was tryin to get cheddar (kick door!)
Now I pull up in the Bentley Muslanne , Bugatti, whatever


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
15 bitches say they wanna go, wanna fuck Cinco and the three Amigos
Taking your bitch and we working the bitch the way she work her face, she gon get some my pesos
Man that bitch ain’t worth a fuckin penny (ugh ugh), she wanna shopping spree, she want the paparazzi
Want to be spend all my broccoli at Lenox, little bitch you tripping – can’t get my blue Benjamin’s
I’m sorry if I did offended you, I don’t want no relationship – I’m through with you
You can keep all of your Louboutin tennis shoes, all that jewelry, those things are material (those things ain't nothing)
Cause those 15 bitches on my telephone, want to go to my top floor condo in Rome (top floor condo)
Sneaking and geeking -- sucking less them leaches, lobby runned up with some Puerto Ricans and they freaky
She suck me all night till I sleep, Whipping up a brick a nigga drinking Easter Pink
Like you love a nigga bitches they be shopping overseas, I can take a nonbeliever and I make that bitch believe
Does she cook it, does she flip it right? That bitch could live with me
If she can stand on the block with the brick and run from the Police
She ain’t got no problem bringing back the product to me
Whip a chicken in the kitchen I send that bitch in the streets. (Whipping it!)


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