Migos - Trenchez (ft. Skippa Da Flippa) [paroles]

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Migos - Trenchez (ft. Skippa Da Flippa)

Paroles: Trenchez

[Hook: Offset]
SQUAD! There's a panorama in the drive-way
FEDS watching we in da projects
They know we ain't posed to be driving dat
They know we ain't posed to be driving dis
Fucking the net ness in the alley cat
Trap in the trenchez, we flex in the trenchez
The police ain't liking it, we still handle business
We trap in the trenchez, we flex in the trenchez
The police ain't liking it, we still handle business

[Verse 1: OffSet]
The trap got niggas on top of the roof they assassins
My plug from Saudi Arabia call him Aladdin
We pulling 'em triggers and 'Rarris and pull up in Aston
The feds they mad, they know what we doin', can't catch us
I stand on the stove, I beat the pot up like I'm Cassius
They call me Chris Angel, work disappear like it, it's magic
The scale make sure the grams is accurate
Wrap it in plastic, then I package it
Mohammed need bricks up in Africa
Go to California, we smoking medicals
Professional, money all ova my schedule
I made a million, that's historical
Pray to God because I am biblical
Work take her clothes off like a physical
When I cook up a baby, they come out identical
Bill Nye cause I'm whippin up chemicals
Workin' been trapping ten years, boy you pitifull

[Hook: OffSet]

[Verse 2: Skippa Da Flippa]
We still handle business, sins I committed
I'm countin up tickets
I'm thumbing thru Benji's
Young nigga, I did it
I Did it, we did it
What's that in yo drive-way?
Maybe carma fisker, skirr, fisker
Young nigga get wicha, yes, im da Flippa
Yes I will flip ya
Shout out my bruh Dwayne tho
Who stay ten toes
Might pull up in a Rover, hit me some hoes
Then touchdown on the Migos
We flexin' in minchi
You wanna keep seat, nigga get yo own section
So much gold on me, ice on me, money on me
That you thought I was Freemason (Freemason)
Neva, you after dem hoes
Blue faces I'm chasin'
She got a back in four thirty five
Countin up green,you think that I'm plankton
(I'm countin' up,gwala)
So what is you driving?
It's nothing u riding
I pull up in something you cannot pronounce
And I smoke by the ounce

[Hook: OffSet]

[Verse 3: TakeOff]
The hell is you doin'?
Fuck is you doin'? Where the hell is you goin'?
Nigga trynna' steal my flow hit em 44
Make ya brain blow
Murder she wrote
F&N extendo' Subway Footlongs All I tote!
In your neighborhood broad daylight searchin' for another kick door
Slow it down, slow it down
Speed it up breakin' that spatula whippin' that dope
Turn around, turn around
Baby I don't wanna fuck you I just want that throat!
I had a plan to work with that man I ? Now I'm the man
Move to Afghanistan, now I got bands
I'm speakin' the lingo you can't comprehend

[Hook: OffSet]