Migos - What Else You Heard [paroles]

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Migos - What Else You Heard

Paroles: What Else You Heard

[Hook: Quavo]

Heard alotta Niggas mad that we ain't got a deal
Heard alotta Niggas mad that we done made a mil'
Heard alotta Niggas mad that we on top this year
Don't run up on me talking 'bout shit you heard, my nigga
What else you heard? [x8]

[Verse 1: Quavo]

What did you hear? Did you hear my Diamonds cost me a [?]
What did you hear? My Diamonds on my pinky real yellow, beer
What did you hear? You mad that Migos on the top this year?
What did you hear? You niggas making up whatever you feel
What did you hear? I grab that choppa nigga get outta here
What did you hear that im in the kitchen cooking Sashapphires
What did you hear that im Quav the shooter nigga palm [?]
But i know you didn't hear that i was stashin' bricks in the Bentley Rear
I know that you heard you [?] my money, leave you in the dirt
What else you heard? My Nigga be trappin' rehab on the first
Hit 'em with the pistol nigga what else you hear?
Ecko dump him in the river, somebody get him outta here!

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Skippa Da Flippa]

What else have you heard? Loyalty this way and that is my word
What else did you hear?
Skippa Flippa took your bitch and she slurped
QC chain, cold, burr
Pour a 4, Words slurred
Middle of the Rolex is blue like some Nerds
Came from trappin' the birds
What have you heard?
What did you hear?
We cap over here
Red bottoms here
You shop at Sears
Marigela my gear
Diamonds cold when they appear
Twin Turbo in the Rear
Bitch i know what you should've heard
I finna make me a milli this year
Migo mansion, own some acres
Have you heard, im tryna buy the Lakers
Have you heard, Migo Gang hit like the Oldschool Pacers
Copp a pint to sprite the chaser [?]
Free Meek the Dream chaser
Have you heard i got flavours?
Freeze Tag with the lasers

[Hook: Quavo]