Miguel - U R On My Mind (Unreleased) (ft. Blu) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Miguel - U R On My Mind (Unreleased) (ft. Blu)

U R On My Mind (Unreleased) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Blu]

Sweet passion, hope you keep lasting

Keep asking yourself how I receive Latin princess

As you grab interest

Club scene, dream girl

Make me wanna invest time like I do with

Rhymes that I'm smooth with

Hope you get personal like how (?) gets

Blu is nothing more but yours to commit with

Anytime you question my time, I'm convicted

Hoping that you call again

In love, we will fall again

Your hugs are like drugs

I'm addicted to your (?)

Blow up my mind as the souls intertwine

You're (?) and I (?)

With rhythm and Blu

[Verse 2: Miguel]

(?) beauty

Influenced in my direction

And I traded

Misery, baby

Extraordinary, interest multiplying within every fiber of me

[Hook: Miguel (x4)]

You, you are on my mind

[Verse 3: Miguel]

Magnificent songs

You were a dime and a (?)

Disorient by (?) saying

I'm blinded by a splinter

I'm so hypnotized

You.. you are beauty and essence

[Hook: Miguel (x4)]

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