Mike G - November (ft. Pyramid Vritra) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Mike G - November (ft. Pyramid Vritra)

November Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Pyramid Vritra]

Hair strands in the breeze in the Porsche

Wood dash Forest Green in the cabin

Hash bricks through the sleeve in the casket

Dinner course, travel bored, flow endorsed

Why the rag top down In France

After the show, probably stoned

Cold as Jack Frosty wrist, and neckless

Bar city, silly niggas try to check the click, untouched

Cus we don't fuck with too much of y'all shit and

None of yours can compare to our shit

Thats double clause you should double take, watch us Demonstrate how a legends made

All my niggas paid, and you see it

Young niggas joc tryna claim allegiance, niggas get popped tryna Play a defense

Run figures, from the brand to the gang, from the tape to the chain

Nigga rain longer cloudy sky, reign stronger til we die

Sold into the game player change, invade and multiply

Sly coop in that sly coupe as we glide through off that dark glue

Never carpool, only 2 seats and its the same for the rest of the gang. Wang

[Bridge: Mike G]

It takes longer to gain more anything that's just not given

My current mission is to be stronger than any opinion

You keep dissin', you get missing

Look at these carats you lose vision

Treat winning like tradition, either get wit' it or get outwitted

See a flame would burn the same with any other name

This is high octane that bangs beyond block range

Stay frozen as if Winter season did not change

Nothing but cold blood flow in my hot veins

[Verse 3: Mike G]

Yo, Moments like these are when I lace my shoes

And roll up on the best GQ issues

Full moon, I got two shows soon

But I'm focused how to smoke in my hotel room

And now everybody's focused on what you do next

Any mistake could give you bad reputation like Joan Jett

Can't stop, won't stop, so I get no rest

Jackals at my doorstep but they're there to protect

Makes sense, I became a myth

With words whipped I could build pyramids

We have no common ground without ways to relate

And it's weird how hate can rebuild your faith

Treated like perfect games when we step in the lane

So without planning this there's no room for change

They hate us, still debate us over Odd Future playlist

Rolling as deep as the Raiders

With paitence is how I play this, yeah

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