Mila J - My Main (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

My Main Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Mila J]
Dat my, ungh (x3)
Mustard on the beat ho

[Verse 1: Mila J]
This girl that I came here with, dat my main
The one that's sharing these drinks, dat my main
The one celebrating her birthday, dat my main
Yeah that's my number 1 chick, dat my main
The one that always had my back, dat my main
When me and my bae broke up, dat my main
She beat a chick up on sight, dat my main
And don't let her get turnt up, dat my main

[Bridge: Mila J]
She my hitter for a reason, ohh ohh ohh
I can tell her all my secrets, ohh ohh ohh
Cuz I know that she gone keep 'em, ohh ohh ohh
Can't nothing come between us, ohh ohh ohh

[Hook: Mila J]
Dat my main one, dat my main
Yeah she up in here with me right now
I said dat my main one, dat my main
Yeah she know that she's my ride or die (say what)
So all you haters you can try tonight
Cuz I'm down for whatever when she's by my side
Dat my main one, dat my main one
And we always be down for life

[Verse 2: Mila J]
One of the baddest chicks in this club, dat my main
One of the only girls that I love, dat my main
Been down with her since day one, dat my main
Can't nobody break this up, dat my main
We'll never fight over dem boys, dat my main
We be playing with these dudes like toys, dat my main
Vacate with me in Miami, dat my main
Front row with me at the Grammy's, dat my main

[Bridge] + [Hook]

[Vesre 3: Ty Dolla $ign]
Oh, that's my main
Caught a nigga cheating and she stayed
Say she love me always
I fuck with my bithc the long way, ooh
Through the ups and the downs, unconditional
I eat it in the morning like cereal
Here we go, here we go, we ain't done yet
When she call me "big daddy", I love that
That my main, that's the one I curve all these hoes for
Got my name tatted on her body like a cholo
Ten toes down for a nigga, she a rida
Head game crazy and that pussy fire
She get her own money and she ballin'
She answer when a real nigga callin' (when I'm callin')
Yeah, that's my main thing
Everywhere we on the same thing, us

[Verse 4: Mila J]
Who's always there when I call
And even when I fall
(Yeah if your main in here right now, I wanna see you point her out)
Who been with me since day one
Won't turn on me for anyone
(Yeah if your main in here right now, I wanna see you point her out)


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