Mobb Deep - All A Dream (ft. The LOX) [paroles]

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Mobb Deep - All A Dream (ft. The LOX)

Paroles: All A Dream

[Verse 1:]

Jumped up from sleep, soaking in sweat

Heart beating crazy from a dream I had

We was doing it up, cash flowing

I know you hear me nigga but you not knowing

Champagne bottles and hundreds flowing in the pool

So much poppin' the jacuzzi was full

Mad hoes for the bro

And everybody rolling up, we could all smoke

Pure molly, good golly that turned up the whole party, a few notches

It's all coming back now

Cocaine, buffets, mini mountains

Of that pretty white girl DJ played

All the right songs, we was all faded

Bottles on the house, half naked broads on the couch

Getting poked up, warming up, then I

Woke up and now we still living it

It was all a dream, it was all a dream

Woke up and now we still getting it

It was all a dream

Woke up and now we still living it

It was all a dream, it was all a dream

Woke up and now we still getting it

It was all a dream
[Verse 2:]

I had a dream I didn't even go get my Grammy

I was smoking and fucking bitches in Miami

I had a dream that Biggie told me that I was nice

Then I woke up and realized it was real life

4-5th on my hip, bottles pop

Weed in the air, these hating niggas still on my dick

I had a dream that my niggas came home

Celebrating life, then I woke up, my shit was blown

Tragic, I had a dream I had floor seats

In L.A. watching Bird and Magic

Exotic cars, money off shore

Good weed, my niggas with me on shore
[Verse 3:]

Coke on the scale, money for the bail

Looking in the rear view, feds on the tail

Used to mix [?] with Ginger Ale

Sold crack when mom's drank pink champale

Now I'm [?] on a ship that sails

Out the same [?] got them bricks in them mail

I don't play with the money cause the bread get stale

Rather sleep in a box 'fore I sit in a cell

Raising a wine glass, spliff in the air

I'm a gangsta, shoot me in the head if I tell

King pin, rap nigga dreams at twelve

Was it all a dream or could I see that well
[Verse 4]

Last night watched TV but it watched me

Know what that mean, motherfucker fell asleep

Then I fell into a dream, it was so real

I was out in Vegas, blew about a half mil

Rode the strip, Rodeo we was club hoppin'

Finger poppin', had drugs droppin'

Hangover three, had bottles non-stoppin'

Top of her lungs [?]

In the Luxor cause the up-roar

Celebration time lift up your cups for

If it ain't us who the fuck you come for?

Jumped on the G5 back to the East Coast

Rich ass nigga still keep the heat close

Landed, bitches on deck to deepthroat

[?] and c-notes

They woke up to a bed full of freak shows
[Verse 5: Jadakiss]

I had a dream that my first contract was a good one

When I get it I'ma let the whole hood come

Visualizing all the shit that could come

I did a lot of bad shit I'm the good son

Everything paid for we don't lease shit

My niggas still with me that's G-shit

Four chandeliers Master P shit

In the middle of the ocean, sea sick

Gorgeous, top of the Forbes list

No such as thing as I can't afford this

Pinky ring, sky dweller iced out Choca

Money talks so I spoke up, then I woke up