Montana of 300 - Computers Freestyle (ft. $avage)

Computers Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: $avage]

You got all these social media accounts nigga

Behind computers, all you do is run your mouth nigga

Don't make me pull up with some shooters at your house nigga

Like what’s all that shit you talking bout nigga!

He tried to turn up, got my burner, block like Bobby Shmurda

If I don't got it, pockets hurting, I'm a rob a person

If he don't go my heat gon blow, they gotta doc and nurse him

Or box and hearse him, I don't box, I pop my Glock and murk em

And bitch I'm headed to your city

Just me and Big Bro, Citi

Got 30 hanging out the semi

Off this mothafucka, shoot him in the fizzace

And niggas said they tryna get me

But bitch I'm always in the hood like I'm Kenny

Man free my Uncle out the you know, every verse for you

If rap don't work and work don't move it's back to murking dudes

I fuck your bitch, she suck my dick don't take it personal

I cock my Glock and drop his top like a convertible

Can't fuck with niggas, lot of niggas fu

Shout out FGE, them my dudes

He think he 2pac with the juice, until he Bishop on the roof

Man niggas bitches, Twitter talking, I ain't with the talking

They with they bitches pillow talking, all them niggas frauding

Say he gon catch me out in traffic, caught that nigga walking

Rolled down the window with extendos pistols get to sparking

Don't use emojis, niggas know me, you got poles then show me

But niggas police, run up on me smoke em like some OG

My OG told me, "Niggas phony, watch them like a rollie"

I'm in your city locked and loaded, let off shots exploding

He posted pictures of a gun but got 200 likes

But when I caught em in public wasn't no gun in sight

My shooters down to put it on em, he won't see the morning

Might roll up on him, blow and if he pussy I'm a show him

Straight up exposing, don't do talking, I shoot like the Office

They gon chalk em, toss the burner just another murder

And I'm headed to your block bitch

Me and my niggas on that mob shit

And you know Juno on some hot shit

Glocks spit, hit his noodles get the chopsticks

And money cheese bought a brand new .45

He had already ran through like 45, Mob

[Verse 2: Montana of 300]

A lot of niggas acting hard, on these computers

Hate that this gangster got bars like Larry Hoover

And everything I touch get ripped, like Freddy Krueger

If I pursue you, click clack booya, we sing hallelujah

The clip threw up in my ruger, same size of a ruler

Flex like Lex Luger with my shooters, pockets fat like Buddha

Got racks like Hooters, but as soon as rappers act like Luda

Get smoked like hookah, ice like coolers I feel like a Jeweler

You niggas bitches boy you fugazee, blow yo top off boy you faker than a toupee

These niggas pussy watch my rachet pop that coochie

Clip like a preview then I show them like a movie

Come through your jaw, go out the sunroof with that Uzi

Dark nights like Batman let my gat blam now you Two Face

Skateoff like Lupe, leave your niggas blue like Tookie

I ball like 2K but be strapped like Call of Duty

I'm bout the action, ain't no acting this is not rehearsal

Ain't with the lacking, bitch that rachet hug me like a girdle

Two straps like Urkel, I'm not verbal, killers in my circle

Montana always rock bandanas like a Ninja Turtle

When I send shells, no Donatello you get smoked like purple

Go in like curfew, pop and murk you, I'm gon white T-shirt you

I'm sonning niggas like I birth you, my shit just too fertile

I hop on tracks and get shit jumping like a fucking hurdle

I'm fly as shit yes I am sick, I got the Flu

I got that bag, I got that swag, I got that juice

Yo bitch feeling me like a masseuse

She wanna give a nigga neck just like a noose

I ain't fu, gun cases, I caught two

This what I do, pull up shooting like I hoop

Touch every nigga in your circle, Duck Duck Goose

And even God knows I'm a killer on the loose

Two shots in your leg homie, I'm a make you beg homie

Uh uh don't be scared homie, two shots hit your dreads homie

Ten more to your head homie, bro like "Yo, he dead Tony!"

I'm just making sure I reunite him with his dead homie

I was the plug, my clientele they used to spend

Drug trafficking, I got that work out like a gym

I hope God forgives me for my sins

(Stupid Bitch!) Me and Jesus look like twins!

Same color skin, I'm just inked up like a pen

When I pull up you gonna catch shots just like a rim

He think he Pac above the rim, so I did his ass like Birdie at the end

I just bought a Glock with all the perks

I just got 5000 for a verse

Like hold that cash and got that strap just like a purse

I be counting mula like a clerk

And counting blessings although I feel like I'm cursed

Man I done put some niggas in the dirt

My choppers used to sing just like Lil Vert

Get ready for fire in the church

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