Montana of 300 & Talley of 300 - MFs Mad [Lyrics/Paroles]

Montana of 300 & Talley of 300 - MFs Mad

MFs Mad Lyrics / Paroles

[Chorus : Talley of 300]
Blowing that gas
Know I got dough in the stash
On my way to some more cash
Polo on my lap, with that polo on my ass
Blow out that smoke and relax
Picture me rolling dolo
With a hoe that's bad
No she ain’t here for that bag
She lovin' that
And all this muhfuckin' swag
Thats why these muhfuckers mad (2x)

[Verse 1 : Talley of 300]
I got em’ hot, cause I’m so mofuckin’ cool yeah
Stay on my pot like I was two, your bitch got a wiff of that poo yeah
Now she want drive, top like a coupe yeah
Watch her get loose yeah
Glock on me cocked turn beef into stew yeah
Now you Pepé Le Pew yeah
Love being dolo, but with the full auto
Fuck niggas, no homo, they don’t get no promo
Just a box like a hobo, get extinct be a dodo
These freaks want a photo, they want me to pogo
Wanna ride on a stallion, so they can hit balls
Like they playing polo, speaking of polo bitch I’m in these horses
And these air jordans, though it’s not important I love being fly like MJ from the free throw line
Tongue out when I’m scorin', I went, got the dough
Benjamin was there and now he stay with me and packs of that sticky
Puttin' that shit in the air yeah on my way there


[Verse 2 : Montana of 300]

Don’t blow on no gas
But I stay loaded with cash
Extra clips and dough in the stash
Pole on my lap, bitch I don’t know how to lack
Everytime I roll I be strapped
I gotta excel
Racial profiling from 12
Bonded right out of that jail
Got bars like a cell
Rap God, I’m not up for sale
My lyrics hotter than hell
Check in that bag
Bitch I’m a felon with swag
Like BP we’re selling that gas
Collecting that cash
I could tell that they mad, they bitch on my dick, I could nail, I could smash
Might ride up your block
And do I drive-by on your block
My iron start firing shots
Long pole like a street light I light up your block
Say bye to my opps
And then hi to my guap
Keep killers around me
Don’t ever doubt me
Went back and bodied bro and em' out the county
Niggas talk shit, but don’t know nothin' bout me
Think shit a game till I shoot like you foul me
So much polo on me they call me Ralphy
She say she fell in love soon as she found me
Pussy so wet on that bitch she could drown me
She love to lick a nigga like an Alchy


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