MoSS - Emotional (Redux) (ft. Jon Connor, Willie the Kid & Guilty Simpson) [Lyrics/Paroles]

MoSS - Emotional (Redux) (ft. Jon Connor, Willie the Kid & Guilty Simpson)

Emotional (Redux) Lyrics / Paroles

It's your man B Styles
My man moss yo
Yea simpson yea yow
Ha damn

[Verse 1]
Don't take it personal every verse is so versatile
Homie my punch line be turning them black and purple look
I get abusive when it comes to this music
You sounded better muted me vs you is like
Humors vs muters you you spark I defuse it
You already knew this cause when I blow I’m a newget
Every track I show my ass like a nudist
Who this the young nigger the talk of the town
Who doubted my sound that’s like open the door for the crown
That's impossible sick and I should be locked in the hospital
This hostage note to anyone who had doubt that I was dope
Watching closely as they OD permit this city Cody
You mother fuckers down they feel like they only
I give them what they needed they feed us so I’m it
You'll want his good so I ain’t stopping until somebody bleeds
Shit I bit worm when I put ya’ll on notice
Playing with money is like playing with my emotions

[Verse 2]
Integrity I’m from the gritty where cops sports tif T
Integral sweater I swear nobody better
The gray sweats where my gun kept
I keep composure compulsive I’m camoflauge
Can’t feel you close I’m supposed to push forward
Cause upon cause my Karma sweetest karma
Versity jacket like comapart arnold then in my wonder years
You still still wondering bling check with the flow
I filled numbers in I been in a mountain filled shit
You and your feeling my nigger 5 four appeals
I beat the case and then broadcast it like Kacy kase them
Champagne by the case vallecitos lace them
Bitches I never chase them they understand my story
Blue diamond morning glory ghetto glamorous
Shot glasses half a glance at this gun room Michigan
Cardia glasses bling canvases I paint a vivid picture

[Verse 3]
I’m a bomb detonated yo my flow explode
You like an empty six shooter with no time to reload
I flick your light punk I know how to fight
If you don’t know you can kiss it good night
I’m a magnet to those chicks come around watch them stick
With little brother up on my end yeah they feeling it
See hip hop and weed see we form a collinist
Stay away from fake gangster fake ain’t running shit
My energy is untamed after this then we bring the pain
Swag niggers your words are stupid dumb
All my sleep weary yea I get loud
Fight for my beliefs always stand proud
See the ring you will be kissing if you don’t
You will be missing in the trunk of a catti
Yea I know you be pissing
You should have swallowed your pride
You should have listened
Your time it haven't risen

[Verse 4]
I get up every morning knowing there is another eye to even out
I reach my destination there is no time in sleeping now
Just when niggers think it was safe to be garbage artiste
They started becoming targets and now they really departed
I’m here now and this is my inauguration I’m finally in office
And I ain’t letting up off of one wanting to be bosses
The ones that usually talk like they are the hardest or the softest
You just wait until you see their face dripping like Leo faucets
I am from the same city as J dilla a real killers behind me
From south west detroit to H Pilla so don’t disrespect will
Be tolerated back off or get glamorated gold squawk consolidated
Yes I’m a beast on so many levels with the soul of a rebel
And a God flow I’ll never give my soul to the devil
A mars you know exactly what to do with knee kill
V williams John Conor spitting the sickest of flu
They emotional when the cat is awake

[Verse 5]
And rats happily play back in the day we stay in the area
Cruise the avenues mentality of wounded animals survival mode
I dropped your body like a domino no acting when in drama mode
The flow is no comical nah I’m walking pneumonia
The target is stone kill I flow and I’m so to supreme
And I know team come parted at the scenes
I got ties that won’t slack they vest up
That's how you get them dressed up press what
We don't respect your rules we keep slipping in the vest
And wet your dos you fall in this box standing back
When I go from man to man maniac
I’m emotional

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