Musiq soulchild - Alphabet [Lyrics/Paroles]

Musiq soulchild - Alphabet

Alphabet Lyrics / Paroles

"A" Awesome absolutely amazing
Girl you are so astounding
"B" More beautiful.
Banging body and such a brilliant mind
"C" Can't stop craving contact the conversation chemistry so first class
"D" Damn darling there ain't no doubt the way you are doing it it's so divine
"E" Ecstasy that is excellent fresh to death you are fantastic
"G" goodness gracious girl
You got it going on on you I am so good
"H" How the hell do you do it?
"I" Intelligent intuitive
"J" Just met but you got me jogging my brain all night

You got me learning the ABC's of you
Every letter in the alphabet
Is another reason that I love learning the ABC's of you
Every letter of the alphabet
Is the reason that I want you

"K" Killing me so softly
A knock out girl you kick like karate
"L" Long legs lushes lips those lady lumps I think I am in love
"M" How you move, it's so magical
I want to make sweet music
"N" Never met nobody like you no
I can't get enough
"O" Opposite of ordinary
"P" Perfection pardon my staring
"Q" Quite simply the quintessential queen there is no questioning
"R" Really don't know how rare you are
"S" Sweet smaple and yet so sensual
You are taking me on a trip
I am so twisted it's hard to think


Under your spell baby you are unbelievable
Vanity ain't in your vibe but it's all invaluable
Everywhere you wanna go x marks the spot girl don't you know
You are all I need from A to Z


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