Mya - Fugitive of love [Lyrics/Paroles]

Mya - Fugitive of love

Fugitive of love Lyrics / Paroles

I've been runnin' and hiding for so long
Could it be that I'm scared to give in to something so strong
I don't wanna lose myself, I don't wanna get caught up
But you leave me no choice, but to surrender to your love.

Now that we say that I would never love again
Until hit with a heart the wrong man
There should down eventually hurtin'
Until you came around and love the way you do
You're wondering why I don't see
And why I won't you let take over me.

I'm just, I'm just looking for ways
To keep on fallin'
You get closer every day but I'm just runnin' and try to hide
Really need to get away but I keep...

And you just keep on, keep on pushing it closer to the end.
Can't fall I gotta surrender
Can't stop falling like the fugitive from your love
Fugitive from your love.
Times up I'm a pray to leave
... runnin' like a fugitive from your love, fugitive from your love.

Lady don't count this life to see this disappointment
Somehow... ought in to believe that you can't heal that part of me
Maybe you're something special making you seem unreal
So I know I'm out way and that you were
You don't know how I really feel yeah.

I'm just, I'm just looking for ways to keep on falling
To get closer every day but I'm just runnin' try to hide
I really need to get away oh... keeps fallin'
And you just keep on, keep on pushing me closer till the end.


Now you can steal it with one tender kiss so heal me with your touch
You can... my broken pieces and won't say that is too much
So even though I'm runnin from your love
I can't go too far, so knock me off and...
So now my heart...


We're runnin out of time
Boy you got me...

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