N.O.R.E. - Fowl Niggaz [Lyrics/Paroles]

N.O.R.E. - Fowl Niggaz

Fowl Niggaz Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Niggas’ll steal from you, help you look for it (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll always make bad decisions (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll fuck your hoe while you’re in prison (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll steal from their own mothers (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll snitch on their own brother (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll tell your girl that you cheatin’ (fowl niggas)
And get with her, so they can start beatin’ (fowl niggas)
Fuckin’ bithces raw when you got diseases (fowl niggas)
Pop shit, when you get caught, you cop pleas (fowl niggas)
Niggas’ll smoke your weed, tell you “my bad” (fowl niggas)
And drink your liquor, all that you had (fowl niggas)
Niggas’ll tell your jump offs you got a wife (fowl niggas)
And tell your wife you got jump offs, that’s snitchin’ twice (fowl niggas)

Fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas…
Fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas…
Fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas, fowl niggas…

[Verse 2]
Niggas that’ll love to lie around you (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll wear a wire around you (fowl niggas)
Niggas tip a bitch and then take it back (fowl niggas)
Niggas talk behind your back, say you wack (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll fuck right in front children (fowl niggas)
Niggas still pissin’ right in front the building (fowl niggas)
Niggas that’ll tell you that they got your back (fowl niggas)
When drama on, they don’t even call you back (fowl niggas)
Niggas order bottles, they ain’t got bread (fowl niggas)
Bill come, already drank it to the head (fowl niggas)
Niggas order weed, never chip in (fowl niggas)
The party come, watch them niggas dive in (fowl niggas)


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