Nef The Pharaoh - Everything Big [Lyrics/Paroles]

Nef The Pharaoh - Everything Big

Everything Big Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Nef The Pharaoh]
Bitch i do big shit
Big shit, big....
Step back etheezy this is for my neicey
Big shit... big shit
[Verse 1: Nef The Pharaoh]
Nice cars big houses
Big living rooms big ass couches
Big bedrooms big ass mattress
I bet the money make her do a back-flip
Big weed big blunts big ashes
A bunch of bad bitches big asses
Big dick... tell your friends i got big dick
Or she gone have to pay me up the big shit
Bitch i'm big tymin'
Check out the views i'm the shit i ain't lyin'
They love a nigga all the way in China
Everywhere i go i get vagina
Whoa been grinding
Stay gold neffy boy and those diamonds
I'm a pharaoh and these other niggas peasants
Oh lord swear my bitch from the heavens
[Hook: Nef The Pharaoh]
Whoa big trucks big grills
I just bought my baby boy a big whip
My shit is blowing and i'm big now that's trill
When they ask how i live?
Everything big (x7)
[Verse 2: Nef The Pharaoh]
20 years old rich by 25
Vallejo died and i brought my city back to life
And i ain't trying to take you niggas pride
I'm doing what i was hard work 2 back in 95'
KIL-FMB we're independent
Last name pharaoh nigga check my descendants
Dinero's the topic and i got it trending
Im in her mouth like a sentence
Roll a wood spark it up like an incent'
Two hits i am lit in an instant
Aye Neffy going mainy again
I want your lady again
Making her pay me again
And theirs mackin' in my blood cause the Mac is my kin
And its probably in my son cause his dad is a nig'
When i pull up on the scene they be like damn that's him
But i ain't even driving cause [?] is

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