Nipsey Hu$$le - Be Here For A While (ft. Vernando) [paroles]

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Nipsey Hu$$le - Be Here For A While (ft. Vernando)

Paroles: Be Here For A While

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
(Look) Blue cup, black gun
Paid dues, that's done
Favors from me, can't ask none
Black eyed the game and got passed on
Me, I kept this shit super solid
Came up, and nigga you acknowledge
See me in my coupe, I got stupid dollars
I'm a dropout but now I speak at colleges
Ironic, I'm honest
I get paid to speak my mind, and it's crazy to me
Just pay me fooly, if I wrote a script it'd be a crazy movie
About my life, about rolling dice, about taking risks
You gotta know the price, gotta know yourself, on the coldest nights
Can't turn it down, you gotta own the fight
Win, lose, or draw, you could ball
You could've kept it real, but nigga, you'sa fraud
Before you get the shit, you gotta lose it all
And then you find yourself and see that you'sa God
And that's real shit, thousand hundred dollar bill shit
Front hood to the hills shit, like how the fuck did we build this
Real shit, look
Blue cup, black gun
Paid dues, that's done
Favors from me, can't ask none
Came in the game then I passed up
I can't stop, won't stop
I'm the type to get more guap
You the type to fasho flop
I'm from Brynhurst and them dope spots

[Hook: Vernando]

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]
(Aye, check it out, look)
I'm still runnin' laps, takin' fades, I still run it back
Talkin' guns, I got a hundred straps
And I be in your bush if you fuck wit' fats, that's a fact
I don't fuck wit' rats
This boss life, I got a lust for that
Pullin' up at Sak's, blow a hundred sacks in my V12
I don't fuckin' slack, not at all
I gotta ball, they shot my dog
Rest in peace, my nigga, Frog
Life is short, nigga, then it's gone
But in the mean time we tryna get it all
You should get involved, I'm really raw
Before this rap shit, I really balled
Alpina's, nigga, on white Lincoln's, nigga
Black beamers, nigga, they can't see us, nigga (naw)
Sometimes I get so offended by it
Don't compare me to none of these fuckin' liars
I'm fuckin' flyer, I'm fuckin' realer
Play wit' me, I'll be a fuckin' killer
Seven takes wit' no fuckin' filler
No victory laps my fuckin' thriller
If you broke, I ain't fuckin' wit' you
Unless you went broke while you was fuckin' wit' me
Then you bounce back cause it's nothing really
We gone do it big 'til they fuckin' kill me

[Hook: Vernando]