Nipsey Hu$$le - More Or Less [paroles]

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Nipsey Hu$$le - More Or Less

Paroles: More Or Less

I, smoking bags with OG
Pulled the carpet up, made mahogany low key
Know these niggas jealous, envious of my whole team
But I’mma kill these niggas broad day if it’s on me
Fully bossed up, niggas pockets need protein
I ain’t had much but you gotta chase your dream
Wrote it all down in my spot in like ‘03
10 years later, big shout to my whole team
We gon fly to Africa, we gon stop in Rome first
Exchange a 100k, and then buy the whole store
And we buy the whole floor, fuck it I just want more
Look I got fans everywhere, we need a globe tour
And I need 100k in stock, that’s a low score
Bitches gotta talk less, fiends that'll hold more
Bank accounts with less tax, overseas on show floors
Foreign shit, still wheeling opposite like Tom Lloyd
Only real niggas, V12’s in my convoy
All black tint, bad bitches, Mardi Gras boy (yeah)
Take ya top off, I'll give you some D's ho
I could turn your block to a free flow
Half-court shot to a freethrow
Impossible is nothing, Nike flow
It’s all in yo mind, it’s cerebral
I smoke so much weed, I should read more
Made so much cash I don't need dough
I ate so much food that I feed more
So tired of this place, that I leave more
And when you this fly, nigga wings grow
Can’t call it cloud 9 til my team know
50 stores up, blowing racks in casinos
And I got Ginger with me
Grind hard til it benefit me
Shine hard, nigga literally
Only day ones and my killers with me
And them hoes like kill 'em Nipsey
You see me out shopping, they be like what’s poppin ay?

We, something different
More or less, ?
And I could tell, you could tell, too more or less
We, something different
Than now
More or less