Nipsey Hussle - FUCC EM (ft. Freeway & Cuzzy Capone) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Nipsey Hussle - FUCC EM (ft. Freeway & Cuzzy Capone)

FUCC EM Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah we know your used to putting work that's sold
Nigga and we seen your paper work your told
All these niggas either sniffin' glass or they livin' off the past
Where I'm blowing money fast with my bros
Lately I've been seeing niggas sell they soul
How you catch a case and bail out on parole
I been state to state gettin money on the road
And I had to reevaluate who I could talk to on the phone
Switch it up, spit the game pay attention you should listen up
Follow code and one day you gon' get rich as us
Seven digit street nigga that ain't rich enough
Forty million on the crib like that nigga puff
Niggas buying yachts niggas buying jets
Make me wanna buy the block just to reinvest
Know my young niggas catch it fore' it's nothin left

Baby me the realest ever did it yeah
Hopefully my day ones will remember this
Keep that shit a hunnid on until the death
Even when I'm gone they'll see I never left
Looking at the roof like, "Man I'm glad I never quit"
Gots my niggas with me thought I'd never hit
Stickin' to the script yeah we should never switch
All my role models doin' sentences

Fuck each and every one of 'em
I fear none of 'em
Frank Lukas push his roof back in front of him
Leave a nigga toothless when it comes to the loot
I go stupid with the butt of the gun, know where I'm coming from?
North Philly where Frazier and Muhammad sparred
Last name Akbar they callin' all cop cars
When they pull you over, they might shoot you over
Movin now that we true men they know who we are
They took a kink from us, they X'd Malcom out
You kidding me? I did my own black history
Studied Illmatic raised the roof out
Yeah, that's the main reason why these other rappers can't get with me
Fuck em all, I hear a whistle know it's time to ball
Y'all niggas throwing fouls but y'all don't wanna brawl
How you going to mission with no vision
Fuck Stevie's like a sight
Look at Stevie's ambition
We hood niggas that did it

Different nigga now that my pops gone
Low tolerance promised he'll get popped on
Microwave the bullets sounding like popcorn
Grind heavy the cops come or the rocks gone
Same nigga 'cept with the time changed
When I couldn't get money I used to find ways
Countin' thousands up for cavvy in the hallway

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