Nipsey Hussle - Picture Me Rollin (ft. OverDoz.)

Picture Me Rollin Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Picture me rollin' tippin' my chaueffer
Niggas look jealous, you gotta control it
Reachin' my quota, mixin' my soda
Feeling connected to God, tryna get closer
Steppin' on roshes, me in my locsters
Just tryina get over, tryina not to get swallowed by locus
Tryn' to stay focus, kinda like moses
Like somebody choose, sweat on my shoulder
I feel these emotions, but still i keep going
Then we were poet
I been through the motions
I feel heroic, life is a dice game
And they gave you to blow it
You might get a strike man, but that ain't gon' pay for strollers
Its never enough to console it
Tell your dady you're soldier
She need you right now to smoke it
To me i'm just car and skosh
You find through with my approaches
The moment of truth is the pioneers
Got a promotion

[Chorus: Overdoz]
Picture me rollin'
We in my friends not worried
Then we get stop by the police
Gotta make it home to my baby
Cause they say snitch gon' crazy
Gotta make it home to my baby
Cause this is they say me
Gotta make it home to my baby, Holla up, yeah
Look i bet i'mma make it home to my baby
I bet i'mma make it home to my baby
I say, i bet i'mma make it home to your baby

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