Niqle Nut - Check Freestyle

Check Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

I'm Niqle, who you?
I made it, who knew?
And my rag color nigga true blue
I'm the king of my city that's true
Cause I got these real killas sittin' on standby
Pull up in that avalanche and turn it to a man slide
If you gotta problem, it's not math
We gone solve it, bloodbath
All these niggas hating cause I'm really getting cash
Retired from the rock like I'm Donovan McNabb
But I'm Niqle Nut, newest member outta C.O.B
You can call me Bill Withers cause I got Lean on Me
Look me up on Twitter nigga, you can Twitter me
Then follow me like TMZ
Nothing that these niggas rapping is true
Rose gold & platinum in trapped in Jośes
Strapped in here too, like 92
Better protect yo damn neck like the Wu
Rag same color as Windex
I'm gone fuck her & prolly her friend next
Oops I mean sister, this bitch do incest
I am too fly, no other insect
Bubble on these niggas like Bud Light
Trynna live a thug life, but you live a Bug's Life 20K, one night
Only got one life, nigga fuck life
If you bring a knife to a gun fight
We don't give a fuck 'bout your incidentals
Niqle going in on this instrumental
Ever since rapper's clothes gettin' little
Rap took a "L" like a Lexus rental
Shining on these niggas like Armor All
More digits on my check than a calling card
Shout out to them niggas sleeping on me, no Tylenol
Faggots been hating on a loc, I'm not mad at all
It just makes me, (make me )
Wanna shit on niggas harder
Had to cut some homies off like a fucking barber
Mickey should've never fuckin' got a nigga started
Beamer look retarded, Forgiato rims
Moving all these keys, no piano strings
Do it for the ends, I don't do it to make friends
So if you don't like me nigga don't pretend
Sippin on lean, I ain't sippin on no gin
Do it for the homies, locked up in the pen
Feeling like Capone, did it on my own
Bars going over nigas heads like a drone
Siri on the I, I ain't taking 'bout a phone
Barry em in the casket, maggots eat through his bones huh

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