No Malice - Shame The Devil (ft. Pusha T) [paroles]

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No Malice - Shame The Devil (ft. Pusha T)

Paroles: Shame The Devil

Fire, fire… on the fire
Fire, fire, eternal fire
Fire, fire… on the fire
Cause a red hot fire gonna burn for a while
Fire, fire… on the fire
Fire, fire, eternal fire
Fire, fire… on the fire
Cause a red hot fire gonna burn for a while

[Verse 1: No Malice]
The price of hell has its benefits
I pray you not be ignorant
Clearly I am seeing with
My all-seeing eye, no pyramid
I, too, was a derelict
The truth raised me from the dead when I became aware of it
Riding Tony’s coattails
Now Tony in a cold cell
Wife home, miss him a lot
She might wait, she might not
Looking at a whole family torn apart
Man, this game colder than a whore’s heart
And we don’t cop pleas
Never mind snitching, we better not sneeze
Did I scale them keys? You be the judge
Every good boy deserves fudge


[Verse 2: No Malice]
Led to the slaughter, precious is the blood
That stained the cross, there’s no greater love
Like the days of Noah, no greater flood
Than when them birds got shipped, no turtledoves
Maybe a few chickens
That I saved, fuck a drought, when it was slim pickings
Then with one touch my soul became quickened
When I revisit my past my soul becomes sickened
Clock’s ticking, go check your Audemar
The bezel on that Chopard will only get you so far
Mozart never tickled this many keys
And your favorite emcees ain’t who they claim to be
The cat’s out the bag, whoops! Shame on me
I don’t fear death, they tell me it come in threes
Be ye not deceived, we reap as we sow
Life, too, comes in threes: Father, Son, Holy Ghost


[Verse 3: Pusha T]
Hell or high water, we gon’ keep rollin’
Looking in my watch it’s like hell freezed over
Hell, money couldn’t hold my composure
Bull in a china shop, that’s how I’m bulldozin’
Gene found God, they thinking we at odds
Must ain’t know my father, he ain’t never spared a rod
Yuugh! It’s two sides to a card
Just opposite ends of two peas in a pod

[Verse 4: No Malice]
And I owe it to my Granny who instilled the fear of God
In the heavens looking at me, receiving this Grammy nod
The game camouflage like S.W.A.T. Team riot gear
Dudes is facades in this lane we pioneered
Now they can’t wait ’til we drop, that’s diarrhea
I found God, the rest found jail like Madea
That’s what you get when you pumping that Britney Spears
Now how you gon’ act at the truth that’s in your ear?

[Hook x2]