OG Maco - Homies (ft. Johnny Cinco)

Homies Lyrics / Paroles


When you got nothing but your homies

You know it’s nothing, blow a couple thou

When you got nothing but your homies

They can’t say nothing if they wasn’t round

I might just, spend it all, with my homies, yeah

I might just, spend it all, with my homies, yeah

[Verse 1 – OG Maco]

I’m all in, told em and did it right after

Life’s a piece and I’m a master, smoking OG backwoods

Bucking but it’s nothing, build our legend faster

Me and my homies was mugging, busters bust at you for cheddar

Youngins tryna live better, they wasn’t tryna let us

You don’t want to bet us, we taking all commas

Having hundreds, wanting millions stacked

Who dealing cause my hand looks stacked

Poker facing on attack, yeah

Back to the wall, Imma kill ya

I’m making multiple withdrawals with some extra commas

I’m coming out [?]

Panther ready in the jungle, wolf in the tundra

Everybody knows you till the times bad

Me and the gang survived everything but Baghdad

In Escalades, from them taxi cabs

Them escapades brought us plenty cash


[Verse 2 – Johnny Cinco]

Them niggas freak when I say [?] don’t know me

I fuck with OG my brothers but I don’t fuck with homies

I’m in that Phantom, I blab and I feel like I owe me

I’m in that Phantom, I blab and I know that they after me

In the Phantom with the [?], know that they [?] me

We could stray up the street, we could fuck up the week

God bless em if they ever catch em, hundred rounds coming out the [?]

Lord bless em, they get more or less

Lord knows I was selling [?]

Selling [?] got me living better, living better, fucking up the cheddar

New chinchillas, February weather, OG Piper, it was enough said

OG Piper only ride with Diddy, on the island counting up the winters

Made a million off of adlibbing, what’s a million when [?] niggas


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