Omarion - Already [Lyrics/Paroles]

Omarion - Already

Already Lyrics / Paroles


Thank you, thank you for coming

You could be with anyone else in the world

But you came with me


Girl I'm so anxious for you

I've been so patient with you

We don't need to rush we can take our time

You and me, you and me, you and me


(Love, Love, Love)

Your hair done, and your nails done already

Your dress on, and your heels on already (Already)

(Love, Love, Love)

I don't know 'bout you girl but I'm ready

I'm ready. I'm ready


I can have a motherfuckin' helicopter scoop you from the water to the land, baby hold up

Breakfast in the morning more important bitches calling, I ignore it, who's the master?

Baby, sho' nuff

You telling me you might change

But I tell you not to

Baby you're a star, you're the one



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