Omarion - M.I.A. (Remix) (ft. Rick Ross, Rockie Fresh & French Montana)

M.I.A. (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Fuck around I dont care
Done looking for love, cause she took away her
I dont care
Done looking for love, cause she took away

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I’m screamin fuck it I dont care
All my bad bitches gotta share
Cardier things come in pairs
Tools, minaj, make love after my massage
Hoes kept findin’ my garage, ta-doe
Wouldnt send flowers but I kept her on an allowance
She check the ATM, say I kept it one thousand
Wow, in the black Range Rover her heels get scuffed in shoot outs
She my soldier
Pour one up, my sneakers Balenciaga
Pour one up, I’m drivin’ the Mercialago
Pour one up, I’m smokin’ that caviar
Pour one up, She lookin italiano my homies stick to the code
Never been a lame
Sixteen in the …, she never been the same
No she’s never been the same
Double M baby hottest niggas in the game

[Hook: Omarion]
M.I.A. , M.I.A.
Done looking for love, cause she took away her
Done looking for love, cause she took away her love

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Now we spendin’ money like,
Like fuck it, I don’t care
Go ahead and get another pair
Young nigga get it so I got enough to share
I even went and spent fifteen hundred on her hair
Before she went MIA no paper planes
Swisher twistin’ when she used to roll a nigga Mary Jane
Lately I’ve been on her brain
She hope I dont go get infected by the fame
If she heard Electric Highway, she know I stayed the same
And recently I been trying contain the freak in me
Show her I got decensy
Need everything she need to be
But she be trippin’ and these hoes be everywhere
And everytime these bitches there
Man its fuck her, fuck her I dont care


[Verse 3: French Montana]
Shorty say she leavin’ me,
I already left nigga
Go kick that bullshit to the next nigga
She must be gettin’ high with DMX nigga
Don’t let me bomb on your ass like Flex nigga
Hundred thou outfit gettin’ dressed nigga
Mind on my money, full court press nigga
I’m in the club with your bff,
Heard about them Coke Boyz new BMF
My chicken never leave the nest
Shit just went away with the PMS
Shorty say she aint a jump off
Now I call that bithc Hulk Hogan she rip her clothes off
Me and Rozay on the yacht smokin’
With your main bitch with her twat soakin’
Watch a young nigga peel that Rose off
This relationship is nastier than cole slaw


[Bridge: Omarion]
Since you been away
Love has been MIA, MIA
Done looking for love, cause she took away her love


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