Omarion - Steam [paroles]

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Omarion - Steam

Paroles: Steam

[Verse 1]

I remember my heart was feeling cold and

Dark clouds were rolling in

Told me to pull over

The you told me to get over it yea

Don't need the phone light

Girl it's too thick to see through

Stopping at the wrong light

Girl ain't no need to speed through

Nah they can't see ya

But even if they could

Still couldn't see us

Your love is like the sun

Girl you know I need ya

Way too thick to let go

Hands off my heater

But you could put it back on my neck though


I love your steam

Rising off your body like a dream

High with no smoke

Even if they come close

They'd never know


Cold feels so lonely

But it brings you close to me

Baby I can keep you warm

But if you don't take off your clothes

We'll never know

[Verse 2]

I like the way you ride

You like the way that I drive it

They compliment my ride

Don't know what's going on inside it

You said my love's a crime

That's why you feel so excited

Girl you cannot deny it

You're feeling closed in

Well you should let me inside it

I got your open and undivided

Attention on me now

It's cold in here

Call me sensitive

That's what I can give