OverDoz. - Fuck Yo DJ (ft. A$AP Ferg) [paroles]

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OverDoz. - Fuck Yo DJ (ft. A$AP Ferg)

Paroles: Fuck Yo DJ


Fuck yo DJ

[Verse 1: Good Joon]

Its all about my producer

All my niggas looking at commas, commas, commas



We ain't stopping, stopping, stopping

We got gold niggas

No foof niggas

All my niggas are lockin up what they believe in

Give a fuck what you think is the truth

Nigga i dont got no limits i'm bout it, bout it, bout it

Ain't no bitch in me but the bitch in her say she feelin me and

I dont doubt prolly cause the last nigga i seen

[?] we dem niggas and you know this (yup)

Still can't trust a bitch is our motive (nope)

All these bitches getting tricky i know this (yup)

Niggas saying we ain't getting money they bogus (nope)

Cause my producer, my producer, my producer, my producer


[verse 2: P]

Yea fuck em'

And them hoes to that [?]dont love em

Get turnt up when i'm up in the function

Jumpin, jumpin, jumpin, jumpin

Fuck em' yo producer and yo mixtape

5'9 walk around like you 6'8

I ain't worried bout nothin' my shit straight

Kick a bitch to the curb if she can't pay tax

I ain't waitin' on obama

Spent that last month on marijuana

These niggas dont want no problem

I put that on my mothafuckin' momma

Took a flick with yo bitch yea you see me

Got a couple young niggas wanna be me

My shit bang got it on repeat

Cause my producer, producer, my producer, my producer

[verse 3:A$AP Ferg]

Walk in the club my [?] linguine

Pushin bitches out i got [?] weewee

Eat that pussy in the club like a panini

A couple haters in the back they can look

But they dont see me

I got alot of herbs

Mom and daddy got a lot of drugs she hidin'

Tony montana when he off a lot of blow

[?] when they stoppin OverDoz

I be sippin' tylenol [?]

Im walkin in this club all alone

Im fuckin' bumping and hoping the dj playing my song

I feel like im in a movie when he be playin my song

I hope these gangstas be killin' niggas that [?]

My deejay going crazy

Bumping so hard almost had me a baby

Got me bumping and grinding like i be back in the 80's

Feeling like [?] when he was driving mercedes

Im sipping hennessy like 2Pac

But me and yo bitch in the drop taking two shots


[verse 3: kent]

I ain't got time for these bitches

And i dont got time for these broke ass niggas x4

I dont do coke i bought it for the models

In the vip pourin' codeine bottle after bottle

Singin' fuck yo deejay, fuck yo deejay

All i do is daydream about pirate green

Trynna make rihanna my baby mama

Spent yo rent on my chains

Bust a rock i take shots of codeine and i promise

I ain't got time for these bitches

And i dont got time for these broke ass niggas x 4

In the vip singing all day with my niggas like

Fuck yo deejay fuck yo deejay

Singing with my homies off key like fuck yo deejay fuck yo deejay