P Reign - I Want You Back

I Want You Back Lyrics / Paroles

[Part I: In This Cup]

[Hook: P Reign]

How did I get here?

I should be home by now

Each time you pull me back

You seem to pull me down

What the fuck is in this cup?

How did I drink so much?

I can't remember a thing

Tell me how's been your man?

Baby where are you from?

What the fuck is in this cup?

[Verse 1: P Reign]

I blame her body'

Who she's been tanning four months, she's a fucking hottie

We got a couple dozen bitches, waiting in the lobby

And half my niggas on the run, but it's still a party

Go head, go head, show up, pour up

Roll up, blow up, light up

And I bet I fuck the night away

Before you fuck our night up

And I'm sorry if the sparkles on them bottles don't excite us

But we been getting money before OJ picked that knife up

Just shot a baby, don't chase it

If you was were I'm at, you'd be wasted

Just met a white girl that looked Asian

And I'm gonna fuck her till she speak Haisian

Been up all night with this cognac

No sleep, Insomniac

Let me put this dick where your thong be at

And go spin cycle, laundry mat

Just me, her, and them sheets

'Til that pussys' deceased

Got dimples in her cheeks

If she's a beauty, I'm a beast

Solo, might forget your name by the morning

Don't be mad at me

Time for that pretty face to come and face reality


[Verse 2: P Reign]

I blame it on the vodka

Well go on fill my cup up

Say she got a daughter

Well I'm such a motherfucker

I got two hoes that been calling

And two hoes in my lobby

I said who ever make it to the room first gon' get boddied

I'm a bad boy, bad boy

I hit that bitch 'til she in tears nigga, sad story

I hit that [?] without a care nigga, call [?]

She gave me head right on her knees, she must've fell for me

(Ha, wassup)Just grab that lipstick out 'cha purse look at that ass and heels

Go on and flaunt that deadly weapon it's licensed to kill

We smoke and talk I say "What's up with you?"

She said her exes hate me, well shit what else is new?

I never run from the truth, baby I barely deny

She had her heart broken so many times she barely could cry

I say "Don't let them steal your heart, never forget how to try

Sometimes you just gotta' thank the Lord you found a good in goodbye,"


[Part II: Cry for You]

[Verse 1: P Reign]

Back then she ain't want me

But look at now, I'm blowing up

Thought I knew it'd all end

Guess I ain't really know enough

Remember I hit it, when she ain't call back

Well, guess the ho wasn't all that

You really made a nigga fall flat

(uh)So I figured I should fall back

(Yeah)Them hoes ain't winnin'

Matter of fact, them hoes ain't women

Only the good girls get a man on one

Need to give them a whole world, these hoes don't get it

I got one heart, but I said let's split it

But she broke that heart, please don't kill it

Never let a good thing go, cause when a good things gone

All the other good things go with it

Yeah when the tables turn, like you [?] with fate

You hope you feel the burn, like you in bed with Satan

Got lots to learn, it takes lots of patience

You taking turns, like it's an occupation

God damn, oh well

Keep a few bad hoes in the hotel

Learned a life lesson that I know won't fail

Never tell hoes, cause you know them hoes tell

Man, ain't it tough?

I guess just being light skin ain't enough

That's why all the good girls like to get it rough

And word around town is some girls wanna' fuck

Well get ready for the ride baby girl buckle up

But I want more then that

So she texting me, and I ain't calling back

And she acting like she bout to have a heart attack

But she lucky that even left her heart intact


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