P Reign - Sunshine [Lyrics/Paroles]

P Reign - Sunshine

Sunshine Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro : 2Pac Speaks]
Imagine you have 14,000 people ready to do whatever you want
You know what I'm sayin', you have, all over the country, people waiting to hear what you wanna do

[Verse 1]
It's more than music
I do it cause it's therapeutic
Chilling with killers that have influence (Yeah)
Mind, body, soul
Fore I was baggin blow
Back when I sold enough enough weed to make the [?]
From time, long time ago, not rich but shining on
Back when they wouldn't sign me tho'
Had bitches [?]
Loaded the tack-tack-tack-tack
Tommy gun, godfather flow
Started slow, picked up the pace
Only put faith Geronimo
Fast forward, money, power, bitches caught my attention
While sinning, making excuses to excuse my religion
Quesitionning God while fucking this [?]
Should love the moment cause I probably won't love you no more
And if you all in the round of applause
Inviting women backstage if their down with ménage
That's harsh, you feel me
The king of hearts I'm just playing my cards
I'm flawed, death is easy and living is hard
That's raw

[Break : 2Pac Speaks]
And when I say Thug Life, I mean that shit
Cause these white folks see us as thugs
I don't care what ya'll think
I don't care if you think a lawyer, if you a man, if you an african-american
If you whatever the fuck you think you are
We thugs and niggas to these motherfuckers!
And until we on some shit
I'mma call it like it is

[Verse 2]
You spit it, I live it
In the 6, know I do it for the city
[?] stitch on this fitted
I got issues, never too grown to admit it
Tell my son I love him every time I see him since my daddy never did it
This real
Always envy the love of Jada and Will
Fore my daughter learns to [?]
Gave him some warning shots now I'm goin' in for the kill
Young prezzi in my country, should put my face on the bill
What's up? You know the deal it's fuck [?]
I fuck with us
Run from us or run with us
Word of my young hittas
[?] that still [?]
Back when I was begging [?] to put me on, real talk (NY or [?])
I learned you can't cross the bridges you burn
Yeah waited my turn, Lord knows I waited
Just ready to drop this mixtape and tell my momma I made it
Off the books my nigga, off the book my nigga

[Outro : 2 Pac Speaks]
My big mouth
I got a big mouth, can't help it
I talk from my heart, I'm real
You know what I'm sayin, whatever comes, comes
But my controversal problems, and it's not my fault
I'm tryin' to find my way in the world
You know I'm tryin' to be somebody instead of just, make money off everybody
You know what I'm syayin, so I go down paths that haven't been traveled before and I usually mess up but I learn
You know what I'm sayin', I come back stronger
I'm not talking ignorant, you know what I'm sayin
So obviously put thought into what I do
And that's good for me because I don't want to be forgotten

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