Paloma Ford - Let me see (ft. Meek Mill)

Let me see Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro – Meek Mill][x2]
Don’t nothing move but the money, and the bad bitches twerking
In a room full of money, I didn’t have it I was working
I’m certain Imma get it, bout to kill it, close the curtains
All these clown ass niggas, we should put you in the circus

[Hook – Paloma Ford]
It’s 5 in the morning, and I got too turnt up
And I know you want it, so you ain’t got to hide it no more, let me see
Let me see, let me see
You ain’t got to hide it no more, let me see
Let me see, let me see
You ain’t got to hide it no more, let me see

[Verse 1 – Paloma Ford]
You want me, you got me
It’s something in the air I can’t deny
Your body, boy, it’s toxic
When I pop it, I know you can’t get enough

[Bridge – Paloma Ford]
Andale andale
They bring me that money when I hit the club
Andale andale
Now bring me my money


[Verse 2 – Paloma Ford]
This feeling, it’s crazy
Just maybe, I could let you get it
Taste of my touch, boy it’s like drugs
So don’t try to cut, we’re only here for one night


[Verse 3 – Meek Mill]
I get it, I get it, I’m with it my nigga
They talk it, I live it
I walk in the building, talk of the city, parking the Bentley
Started in Philly, really I started with plenty
Where niggas popping that semi, you pull up I’m popping the willy
Got money, you ain’t got no time
And if you got time you ain’t got no money
And everybody screaming if you broke you a joke
And I’m trying to figure why a nigga look so funny
Got a quarter on my neck, pull up on em, flex
You niggas sound bitter and really look upset
And I be round niggas, just money power respect
We cop, cook, and collect, and never making it stretch
You never making a check, smelling the odor
I whip it with soda, I been in with Hova, drinking on spade
Puffing with Diddy, I’m talking to Costa
Puerto Rico, bad bitches, got em over


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