Papoose - Du Haa [Lyrics/Paroles]

Papoose - Du Haa

Du Haa Lyrics / Paroles

Remember rapping du the haa, da haa
I got the 'head, nice just like Eminem
We shady rap
It's like we all worriers, mentally we all maniacs
'.baby but '.
Homicide the '.
Customers the 'crazy '
Moving like the 'be more than baby fat
Long shut I give you own me '.
You gonna see me shut if you don't pay e back
I do it..just like the '.
Look at how I killing this niggas spreading the lazy '
'nigga wanna bring anything for the '80's back
But they ai't bring the 'like that
Crazy '
We give the crazy eyes like the'.
'.when they own it's like the '
'.when nigga '.
'red wine, page in black
You all nigga is funny
Laughing at this niggas
You all niggas is funny
Bringing the second verse in
Last in a'.
'proving at the ...eyes '.
They bring the wash and '
Bring the all 'to the '
'.take the '.you don't deserve
'don't need a '
'we're chill '.
Burn 'back in my ..i lost my best friend
Father said the family it's on fire it's just '
Let the six fire the 'let's in
Too late paramedic '.
A bill go '.a second '.
Three time loosing praying and get the '
Stick and all the continuous I'll put it on in
Waiting on the 'we heard you putting in'
Hoie on the road but define and put it in other verse '
Put our reward he put and '
You'll niggas is funny
Laughing at this niggas
You'll niggas is funny
You'll niggas is funny
Laughing at this niggas

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