Papoose - Pound Cake [paroles]

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Papoose - Pound Cake

Paroles: Pound Cake

[Verse 1: Papoose]
Papoose, Papoose
I had freedom, before you had slave ships
Before our people fell into enslavement
They wore white sheets, I couldn't see they faces
Hung me and my brother, with the same noose
I just might learn to speak Arabic
So I can tell Syria to stop the arrogance
King of New York, that's my handle
Kingdom, King Dome, for example
[?], who's challenging
In case ya'll didn't know, I speak African
The Bush family is stress
Whenever they in office, it's a worldwide mess, yes
Pap the law librarian
Says a lot about you, if you ain't feelin' him
They say he better than you, he made milly's from it
I do this shit for the love, don't want a penny from it

[Verse 2]
Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
1 million followers, but they all fake
You bought em' online, cause you so damn fake
Payin' for views, your following is fake
The U.S. dollar is now fake
Crackin' that fake smile, you even smile fake
It's not backed by gold, so it's all fake
Fake fake fake fake, uh
They big you up for materialism
That don't impress me, I'm into lyricism
Charades had lyrics, A to Z lyrics
Touch ya verse, some say I had the best lyrics
Beats from the East lyrics, Nacirema lyrics
My mixtape awards stack to the ceilings
I'm not ruled by no cash
It doesn't rule everything in my path
I'm ruled by God, every moment you have
Is a gift, that's why they call it the present
Say my name twice before I rap still
Cause I'm twice as nice, I got mad skills