Paul Wall & D-Boss - Super Duper High [paroles]

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Paul Wall & D-Boss - Super Duper High

Paroles: Super Duper High

[Hook] x2
Super Duper High, Smoking my supply
Im Fucked up bout to roll me up another one
Pass my cup, bout to pore me up another one
Got some Bad Bitches, Got some Bad Bitches, Bricks and Bitches
Where them bitches?

[Verse 1: D-Boss]
You on one, I'm on three
You high as fuck, yeah, I'm high as high can be
Rolling up the purp, mix it with the kush
Put that shit together, now you smoking push
Fuck a paper plane, yeah, need a Swisher Sweet
Just got another plug, yeah, he gave them to me cheap
Soon as they coming in I move 'em in a week
Fucking bitches, getting money, smoke exotic leaves
Keep that .45 with me if you want a buzz
Don't beat around the bush, bitch, you wanna fuck
I'm pulling up, I'm smoking good
Let me make a wish, I wish a nigga would


[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
Please pardon me, I'm throwed
Don't mind me, I'm blowed
I keep me a backwood rolled
Got more trees than tobacco rows
I'm high as the price of gold
Got the new grill, same mold
My neck look like it's snow
I'm sorry if it's too cold
That paper stack it, don't fold
These double cups what I hold
You just might catch me dozing off
Cause I keep me a fo poured
Now I don't talk, I ain't told them no
These bops wanna get rolled
They something like my ride, they come from the other side of the globe
Got a full supply of that satelitte
I done handlebars, but it ain't no bike
Sharp tongue, my game is precise
Running these hoes, uphill hike
All on the wall please don't bite
Go somewhere if you square like dice
I'm high as a kite with a lean so slight
And I'm full of that get right off that light


[Verse 3: D-Boss]
I was on three, now I'm on four
They pray they super duper high, mine's still low
I ain't sugar-coating shit, I just tell you no
She told me I was crazy, I said "you silly ho"
Streets pay me all day, I smoke tree all day
Yeah, I'm independent money in a major way
Please don't blow my high, you know I supply
She be on my dick, I might give her a try
I'm affiliated, you a lame head
Pussy overrated, I need a sane head
Let me get it while the motherfucking getting good
You really looking for me, homie, I be in the woods