Paul wall - Smoke everyday (feat. z-ro & devin the dude) [paroles]

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Paul wall - Smoke everyday (feat. z-ro & devin the dude)

Paroles: Smoke everyday

[Chorus: x2]
See, I'm a marijuana soulja, smokin on the douja... (smoke weed everyday) seven roaches in the ashtray... seem like all I do is pour up and keep blazin...

[Paul Wall:]
"I'm high as a cloud, and I'm floatin like a parade. full of that high grade, I stay on that purple haze. My mind in a daze, I ain't been sober in days, from all punch that I be pourin' and the blunts that I blaze. Remember back in the days, I ain't lean, smoke, or sip. But things changed a bit, now-a-days I'm lit. See, I started after highskew, and now I can't quit. Watchin ol' skool, it taste soo good when it hits the lips. I'm floatin like the mothership, higher then mars. gone offa couple handle bars, I see stars, gone offa couple loushes, jammin that dude deven, I wonder what pac, and pimp c talkin about in heaven. I'm flyin in the gorgia down antwan dry, but if the laws catch me swervin, I'll be gone for a ride, feelin' soo good inside, so high indeed, with no sticks, no seeds, just some indo leaves, now breathe...

[Chorus: x2]
Deven the Dude- I wake up in the mornin... pour up a cup of coffee, take a pull on this toffee, now I'm off to have a good day, bless to have another one,